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Wind Mills and Wind Farms

In the underdeveloped Countries or areas with the shortage of Electricity, Water or Heating or Air Conditioning We have modern methods to meet these shortages or non availability of these vital elements and energies. The most efficient and effective method the world has found so far is to install Wind Turbines and build Wind Farms where ever necessary. Wind turbines are run by the wind so once installed, free to use but will produce lot of electricity to meet demand of a house, a remote village or a country.

The modern wind mills or wind operated turbines come in different sizes say 600KW to 2 or 3 MW. A 600KW wind mill installed in the back garden of a large house could meet the electricity needs of the house where as 2MW Wind Turbines can supply electricity to a whole street. A wind farms of say 10-15 Wind turbines installed could supply electricity to an entire village in remote areas where you have little or no electricity in the past. These wind mills are safe to use and environmental friendly they do not use any fuel to run as they run free by turning their blades by the wind. No matter how little wind you have in the area they are designed to still turn their blades easily and produce lot of electricity.


There is a whole range and Variety of turbines and water pumps available according to the specific needs and requirements. In some areas people find it easy to use Gas, Diesel or Water Turbines to produce electricity.

A whole range and variety of pumps and tube wells are available for the areas or parts of the World with droughts or shortage of water supply.


Solar water heating works with the sun, the ultimate major source of most of our renewable energies. The amount of energy received by the sun in 30 minutes is the equivalent of the power used by the entire population of the earth in one year.

Solar water heating systems are about capturing this energy and converting it to a form that we can use (i.e. heat) to substitute for fossil fuel energy.

Water heating is normally, domestic water heating, agricultural and commercial usage. . Solar water heating can be used to a greater or lesser extent for each of these water heating applications


The Solar panels or so as called Solar Collectors by some engineers are normally put on the roof of a house or in a Garden to catch sun light and to collect energy from solar radiation and use that energy to heat a heat transfer fluid.  By use of a pump or by thermo-siphoned (gravity) circulation the heated fluid is transferred to heat a storage vessel or used directly to heat a load.


A solar water heating system has as its main component a panel or collector. The function of the collector is to collect the energy falling on it and transfer it in the form of heat to the fluid in the collector. There are many kind of solar panels.



Solar electricity is normally produced the similar way as the solar water heating. The Solar Collectors, collect the sun's energy and supply to the main electric meter in the house. Usually these panels/collectors produce more electricity than a normal household can use. In a case like this the excessive electricity can be sold to the grid station in the area. Solar collectors keep collecting energy even on cloudy days and will produce enough electricity for the house even if it stays cloudy for several days. That is the magic of this latest technology.

It is a most recent development and yet to be commercialised fully. The whole house could be heated in winter by the Solar Energy System and the same equipment will let you lower the temperatures to you desired conditions in summer providing you free of cost Air Condition. This is really amazing and free to run once the system is installed

We have an extensive Programme to provide help especially to the under developed countries and countries like Pakistan, India, Africa. We seek new Partner and Agents all over the World and especially in all the countries where either there is a
shortage of electricity or water Production due to the conventional methods in use. Agency fee and a security deposit towards set targets is charged to all agents.









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